How to sync data from Quartzy to Google Sheets using Zapier

Quartzy users can now sync data from their Quartzy lab to Google Sheets for easy tracking, sharing between teams, managing multiple labs data in one place, and more.

Some common use-cases are:

  • Tracking lab expenses 
  • Tracking order deliveries 
  • Inventory tracking and auditing  
  • Data backup (sync deleted items to Sheets)
  • Managing multiple labs 

Read below to learn how to utilize webhooks and Zapier, a workflow automator, to configure this integration for your lab! 


In the following example, we will set up an expense tracking sheet, but the process is easily customizable so you can select the options relevant to your lab's use-case. 

To get started,  import the following file to Google Sheets: Quartzy > Google Sheets


Navigate to the first sheet, Requests / Expenses Tracking. The column headers represent the data for each request that can sync from Quartzy.


If there's any data which your lab does not want to track, simply delete the column(s)

Next, login to your Zapier account, and click the orange Create Zap button. 


1. Select the Webhook option as your trigger 


2. Select Catch Hook from the Event dropdown menu, then click Continue 


3. For Trigger, click Continue - no action needed 

4. Copy the URL under "Your webhook URL" to your clipboard or notes app 


5. In your Quartzy account, locate the lab you want to integrate with Sheets and navigate to Manage Labs > Developers. Click the Add webhook button. 


6. Name your webhook, paste the URL you copied from Zapier into the URL field, and select the Event Type relevant to your use-case. Click Save



7.  For testing purposes, create a fake request or inventory item, and perform the action of the Event Type(s) you selected. For example, if you selected Order Request Ordered, add a fake (non-Quartzy) request, and mark it as Ordered.  

8. Back in Zapier, click the Test Trigger button. It will return a "We found a request!" message.

Note: it can take up to two minutes for the trigger to be recognized. If your first test fails, please wait 1-2 minutes and then try again.

Click Continue

Tip: if testing the trigger fails, make sure you created your fake request or inventory item in the correct lab. 


1. Click on the Action section  

2. Select the Google Sheets app 

3. Select Create Spreadsheet Row from the Event dropdown menu, then click Continue


4. Select your Google Sheets account, then click Continue 

5. Select the appropriate Google Drive, Spreadsheet, and Worksheet to which you want Quartzy to send data. Once selected, the fields on your sheet will appear. 

6. Select the appropriate value(s) for each field, and then click Continue



7. Click the Test action button, and then check your Google Sheet - there should be a new row. 

8. If everything looks good, click the Publish Zap button to activate the data syncing from Quartzy to your Google Sheet! 



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