Quartzy PunchOut, PO, and Invoice Integration Overview

With a Quartzy PunchOut, Lab Managers can save a significant amount of time and money otherwise spent in copying and pasting the information on order items, purchase orders, and invoices across Quartzy and an e-procurement system.

Here's a couple ways that a Quartzy PunchOut can streamline your lab's purchasing workflow: 

  • Easily sync your Quartzy shopping cart to your e-procurement system as a requisition 
  • Automatically sync Purchase Orders and Invoices between Quartzy and your e-procurement system 

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Demo: PunchOut cart return and Purchase Order sync 

Check out the following example of a user placing an order via PunchOut from their Coupa system: 

Procurement Systems

Quartzy can integrate with almost any e-procurement system that your lab may use! We have existing integrations with the following systems: 

  • SAP / Ariba
  • Coupa
  • Jaggaer / SciQuest
  • Oracle / OBN / Fusion / Peoplesoft 
  • Workday 
  • Prodigo / GHX

User guides

Check out the links below to learn how to configure and utilize Quartzy Punchouts for your lab's purchasing!

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs 


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