Benchling Integration Overview

Note: Quartzy's Benchling integration is included in Professional, Enterprise, and Non-Profit subscription plans, or as an add-on to the Starter plan. 

The Quartzy-Benchling Integration allows users to quickly and easily sync data between Benchling and Quartzy. With the integration, users can:

  • Create new order requests in Quartzy without leaving Benchling 
  • Automatically sync new inventory items from Quartzy to Benchling  
  • Automatically sync changes/edits to inventory items from Quartzy to Benchling 
  • and more!  

Check out the links below to see how to set up and utilize the Quartzy-Benchling integration!

Check out the FAQs below for answers to questions you may have:

This integration helps me sync newly created inventory items from Quartzy to Benchling. How do I add existing Quartzy Inventory to my Benchling Registry? 

To view existing Quartzy inventory items in Benchling, follow the two steps below:

1. Export the inventory you would like to see in Benchling from Quartzy to Excel. Here's how: Export your Quartzy Inventory to Excel

2. Format and then import that Excel file to Benchling. Detailed instructions can be found here: Import Registry Data in Bulk

That's it! The inventory you exported from Quartzy will then show up in your Benchling Registry. 


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