Import an order history via Excel

Important: We recently made a change to the Excel Import Template. Make sure you downloaded a recent one TODAY in order for your import to be successful!


Importing an existing order history to Quartzy via Excel will allow the members of your Group to easily find and request items that have been purchased for the lab in the past. That way, things like price and unit size can be preserved correctly in new requests!

1. From the Requests module, select the Group where you would like the order history to be added and click the Import button on the left sidebar.

Note: Order histories can't be imported from the All Groups view.

2. Click Download Template

Link: Click here to download the import template right now!

3. Copy and paste (or type directly) the order details onto the Quartzy Excel Template. 

If you are copying from an existing spreadsheet, use the Paste Special > Values or Text option to transfer your existing data onto the template as this removes any special formatting from your sheet that could cause an error in the upload. 

Here are some tips to help you import your file:

  • Begin by reading the Instructions worksheet
  • Fill in BOTH the "Date Ordered" and "Date Received" columns, to have the best filtering options for old orders you have already received. If exact dates are not known, use a simple alternative like today's date.
  • Columns cannot be added to this spreadsheet so if you have additional information about your orders that do not fit in the columns provided, place them in the Notes column.


4. From the Import requests modal, check the box to verify that you have used Quartzy's Excel template and click Upload file. Attach the saved file and your order history will upload!


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