Mark partial deliveries

If only part of your order has been delivered, you can mark a partial delivery. Here's how! 

1. In the Requests module, select the Ordered status, click on Mark Received


2. Change the Qty Received to the amount you received and click the Partial Delivery checkbox. Adjust the Amount in stock to reflect how many new items have been added to the Inventory from that delivery.

The Amount in Stock is not updated automatically.

Click Save

Note: The Partial Delivery checkbox will not appear until you change the Qty Received.


The amount received so far will be visible on the request and the Mark Received button will remain active so you can indicate when the rest of the shipment arrives.


3. When the remaining items arrive, click the Mark Received button. The Qty Received will automatically reflect the quantity remaining.

Click Save.

Important: Add the new amount received to the Amount in stock to reflect the new total quantity in the Inventory.



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