Mark requests as Backordered

We know that items sometimes become backordered. Here's how to mark the status of those requests in your Lab.

From the Requests module, select Ordered in the status navigation bar to filter for items which have been ordered but not yet received.


Mark multiple items as backordered: 

1. Select requests by checking the boxes (A), click Update Status (B) and choose Backordered (C)

Important: If an item was purchased from Quartzy, it cannot be marked as backordered along with non-Quartzy items.

2. Set the Expected Date for delivery and click Save. The Requesters will be notified of this status update via email. 


Mark one item as backordered:

1. Click on the Item Name to open the request details panel. Click More and select Mark Backordered

2. Set the Expected Date for delivery and click Save. The Requester will be notified of this status update via email. 

You can view all of your backordered items by clicking the drop-down that says All Requests and selecting Backordered

Tip: Backordered items will also appear when selecting the Ordered status in the status navigation bar.


Edit the backordered date

1. Click on the Item Name to open the request details panel.


2. Click on the calendar icon in the details panel to select a new backordered date. 

Note: The requester will not receive an email when you change the date.



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