Search and filter in Requests

Quartzy allows you to filter and search your Requests in multiple ways so you can personalize your view. The filter and search views are customized to your account and can be turned on and off at any time. 

Note: Be sure the correct Lab is selected in the top left side of the toolbar. 

Use the Search box:

From the Requests module, enter any word, number, or partial term into the Search box. Hit Enter on your keyboard or click on the magnifying glass icon to activate the search. 

Filter requests based on one status: 

From the Requests module, select the request status from the status navigation bar. Your filtered results will appear immediately. 

Filter requests based on multiple statuses:

From the Requests module, click on the drop-down that says All Requests. Choose the order status(es) your want to view and the results will appear immediately.


Under the Filters section on the left sidebar, check off the boxes for as many options as you want to view at one time. They will activate automatically! To turn off the Filters, click Clear all



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