Promote Lab Members to Lab Admins

There are 2 levels of member access in a Quartzy Lab - Lab Admin and Lab Member. You can have as many Lab Admins in a Group as you like and it's easy to promote them. Check out how using the instructions below!

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name and then click the gear icon to select the lab where you want to make changes.


2. Select the Lab with the members you want to promote on the left sidebar and choose the Members tab.


3. Lab members are listed alphabetically by their first name. Find the member on the list and click the drop-down to select the Admin option.

Tip: We strongly recommend always having at least 2 Admins in a Lab.

You can promote as many Admins as you like! Be aware that an Admin has the same editing privileges as the original person who created the Group so only promote others who require admin permissions.


Next Up: Learn how to add and remove members


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