Set min and max stock levels for Inventory items

Quartzy users can easily set a minimum and/or maximum stock level for each inventory item. This way, it's easy for anyone in the lab to see what is running low! 

The min and max options can be found in the Item Details Panel, right next to the Amount in Stock field for each item. To open the Item Details Panel, simply click on the item name from the Inventory table. 


Once values are added to the min and/or max fields, that info will be displayed in the Amount column of the lab's Inventory table. 

When an item is at or below its minimum threshold value, it’s considered to be in a Low Stock status, which will be displayed on the item. A notification email about the Low Stock status will also be sent to the item owner


You can easily see all low stock inventory items status using the Low Stock toggle on the lefthand side of your Inventory module.  


The maximum threshold can be used to inform users how much of an item should be ordered when it’s low in stock, as well as enforce compliance with hazardous materials. 


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