How to configure Slack notifications for Quartzy updates

This user guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to set up alerts in Slack for Order status updates in Quartzy. These alerts will help Quartzy users keep track of their Quartzy orders in Slack and prepare ahead for upcoming deliveries.


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  • Quartzy
    • You should be a Lab Admin of the Lab you'd for which you'd like to configure notifications 
  • Slack
    • You should have the appropriate permissions to add Apps to your lab's/company's Slack workspace 

Configuration steps

  • Select the following link to access the Quartzy app listing in the Slack app directory: Quartzy Slack App
    • On this page, Select the Add to Slack button
    • Note: Since this app is not available to orgs/labs without an active Quartzy subscription, it is not public yet. You can ignore the “This app is not approved by Slack.” messaging. Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 9.20.30 AM.png


  • You'll be taken to the following page, where you'll be asked to allow Quartzy to access your Slack workspace and send notifications. Select the Allow button. 

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 9.22.27 AM.png

  • Next, you will land on a page that confirms that the app has been successfully installed. You'll then be automatically redirected to the Quartzy App page in your Slack workspace. 
    • If you are not automatically redirected to Slack, select the click here to navigate manually option

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 9.24.57 AM.png

  • Select the Authorize button in the Quartzy Slack app  3ac3e21d-f749-4ea5-af4f-c4ec51bb6b36.png
  • Once you've authorized the Quartzy App, a list of your Quartzy Labs will be loaded. To add a new notification, select the Add Notification button at the bottom of the page 
    • If you do not see the list of labs yet, perform a refresh by clicking on a different channel in Slack, then return to the Quartzy Slack app 

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 9.39.47 AM.png

  • You'll be taken to a modal allowing you to configure the notification. Make your selection for each field, then select the Add Notification button. 
    • You can repeat this process to add as many different notifications from as many different labs as you'd like. 
Before configuration After configuration

  • At present, the following notifications are supported in the Quartzy Slack app
Use Case Name Description

Item requested

(Any Vendor)

Receive a Slack notification when a new request is created in Quartzy

Item ordered

(Any Vendor)

Receive a Slack notification when a request moves to the Ordered status in Quartzy 

Item received

(Any vendor)

Receive a Slack notification when a request is marked as Received in Quartzy 

Item shipped

(Quartzy Shop Only)

Receive a Slack notification when an item ordered from the Quartzy Shop is shipped and assigned a tracking number

Item delivered

(Quartzy Shop only)

Receive a Slack notification when an item ordered from the Quartzy Shop is delivered (based on carrier updates)

Item backordered

(Quartzy Shop only)

Receive a Slack notification when an item ordered from the Quartzy Shop becomes backordered 

Item canceled

(Quartzy Shop only) 

Receive a Slack notification when an item is confirmed as canceled from a Quartzy Shop order 



  • To ensure your notification is working properly for the Quartzy lab of interest, navigate to this lab in Quartzy and perform the action that triggers the notification.
    • In the example below, we will select the Mark Received button next to a request in Quartzy to trigger the Item Received notification.


  • Once that action has been performed, navigate to the appropriate Slack to view the notification


Best practices

Notification Etiquette

  • While Slack notifications can be sent as direct messages, we recommend using channels. This allows the users to mute the channel if they are not interested in a Slack notification.
  • As a Slack administrator for your organization, before setting up alerts, we recommend that you discuss with your team members and then
    • Decide which alerts to set up for your organization
    • Determine when to configure @mentions in the alerts

Opting users in and out of Slack notifications

  • Slack provides lots of flexibility in terms of opting users in and out of a notification. We recommend the following options:
    • If a particular user wants to opt out of all Quartzy notifications, they can mute or leave the Slack channel set up in the previous step.
    • If a particular user wants to opt in to a specific type of notification, then they can use this user guide and configure a Slack notification configuration of their own.


Besides Slack, I want to handle other integration use cases such as creating a task in Asana, adding a record in Google Sheets, trigger an action in my homegrown application etc. Can you help with that? 

To integrate with other tools such as Asana, Google Sheets or even your homegrown application, you can use Quartzy’s webhooks along with your own web server or with an Integration-platform-as-a-Service tool such as Zapier or Workato. To learn how to configure Quartzy’s webhooks, please use this other user guide.


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