Inventory item owner FAQs

Each inventory item in Quartzy is assigned an item owner by default. Read below to learn more about what an owner is and how to manage owners in your lab's inventory! 


How can I tell who the owner is for an item?

The owner of each item can be found in the inventory table: 


Or in the item details panel: 



Do I select the owner of each item manually?

The owner will automatically be set to the user that adds the item to the inventory module via the "Add Item" button, or the user that imports the item to the inventory module via Excel. 

If an item is marked as received in the Requests module and the "add to inventory" option is selected, the item owner will be set to the requester of that item. 


Can I change an item's owner?

Lab Admins can edit an item's owner at any time! This can be done individually, or in bulk


What special permissions does an item owner have?

Labs have the ability to allow only item owners + the lab's Admins to make changes to their inventory items. This setting can be changed in the Lab Settings page


Additionally, the owner of an item is the user that will receive notifications of updates for that item, including the expiration date reminder: Set email reminders for upcoming expiration dates


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