How to fix Duplicate Serial Numbers in Inventory

When editing items in the Inventory via Excel, it's important that all data under the Serial Number columns are unique. Serial Numbers are how the Quartzy system identifies which items are to be updated when the file is imported back to the Inventory module.

If the system identifies duplicate serial numbers for any items, the steps below outline how this issue can be fixed!

1. Select a lab in the top left corner and export the lab's inventory to Excel.


2. Back in the Inventory module in Quartzy, sort by the Serial Number column in order to show the items with the duplicate numbers next to each other. 

Link: Follow these instructions to learn how to customize which columns are visible in the Inventory Table.


3. Determine which of the items you would like to delete, and then delete it by selecting the checkbox in that item's row and clicking the trash can icon.


4. If you now want to add those items back to Quartzy and create new unique serial numbers for them, delete the serial number for each item you just manually deleted in Quartzy from the Excel file you exported during step 1.

Import the file back to Quartzy and doing so will ADD the items without serial numbers as brand new inventory items. New serial numbers will be created for them that are not duplicated.

5. If the items with duplicate serial numbers were simply duplicate items, then you do not need to complete step 4 and you're all set!


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