Using Quartzy on a mobile device

Check out the instructions below for how to use a mobile-friendly version of Quartzy through your mobile web browser! Use your desktop or laptop computer to access the complete set of features available on Quartzy.

General Guidance

1. Go to on any browser on your mobile device (Chrome is recommended) and login to your account. The page always defaults to the Requests section just like on your desktop. 

2. Tapping the 3 line icon in the top right corner allows you to switch between sections and access account settings.

Sections: Requests, Inventory, Shop, Purchase History

Settings: Help Center, Invite a Labmate, Profile Settings, Sign Out


3. Switch between Labs by tapping the Lab name (or All Labs) in the top toolbar.


4. Tap the Q in the top left corner to return to the Requests section at any time. 


5. Filter requests by status from the status drop-down arrow.


Add and Edit items

To add a new item - Ensure you are in the correct section (Requests or Inventory) and then tap Add Request or Add Item.

To edit an item - Tap the item to open the editing panel. Close the panel by tapping the arrow in the top left corner or use your browser's back button.

To ensure your changes are saved - After making an edit, tap outside of the field before closing the editing panel.

Switch to the full desktop version

If you prefer to use the full desktop version of Quartzy on your mobile device, follow the instructions below for the browser you're using.

Chrome: Click the elipsis (...) in bottom right corner, select "Request Desktop Site". On Android, the elipsis can be found in top right corner.


Firefox: Click the elipsis (...) in top right corner next to the URL field, select "Request Desktop Site"


Safari: Press and hold refresh icon in the URL field, select "Request Desktop Site"



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