Sort items in the Inventory Table

Sort items by any of the columns visible in the Inventory Table. Just click on the column header once to sort ascending (A or smallest number at the top) and twice to sort descending (Z or largest number at the top).

From the Inventory module, click the column header and the items will be sorted. 

Your sorting preference will automatically be saved for future logins and will not need to be reset each time!

Note: Some fields may not be sortable, like Technical Details, and fields can only be sorted one at a time. 



Next Up: Learn how to customize the columns that are displayed in the Inventory


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    Matt Bishop

    How do you remove the sort function?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Matt!

    At the moment, the default sort setting will be to sort by either the "Updated" or "Added" columns, placing the newest items at the top. It's not currently possible to remove the sort function within Quartzy.

    That said, we'd love to hear more about how removing this function would be helpful to you! Please reach out to us at, so we can send your feedback to our Product team!