Understanding Quartzy Credit

Note: Only labs at US institutions can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email support@quartzy.com.


If you received Quartzy Credit through a promotion or item return, you don't need to do anything to redeem your credit. It will automatically be applied to your next purchase.


If I submit a PO and I have a credit in my account, how much should I create the PO for?

Create the PO for the full amount of the order. We will invoice you and automatically apply any available credit from your account. You should not deduct the amount of credit you have from the PO you submit to us.

How do I know how much Quartzy Credit I have?

Requests Table:




Purchase History:


Note: Only promotional credits expire. Credits from a return never will!

How do I apply the credit to my next purchase?

Any available Quartzy Credit in your group will automatically be applied to your next purchase. The credit can only be applied to the group where it was added. No need to check a box or choose whether or not you want to use it.

How do I know that the credit will be applied to my next purchase?

  • Credit Card or Purchase Order: On the Cart Checkout page, you'll see the credit deducted from your total in the Order Summary box.


Can I see how much credit was applied to an order after it is placed?

Yes! Just check the your Purchase History.



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