Understanding Quartzy Credit

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email support@quartzy.com.


If you received Quartzy Credit through a promotion or item return, depending on your lab's preferred payment method, there are different ways that credit may be applied to future orders or in the payment of open invoices. Check out the FAQs below!



How do I know how much Quartzy Credit I have?

If your lab is on the Purchase Order payment method, or the "Other" (ePro, etc) payment method, and you need to know how much credit is left on a credit memo, etc, email our Finance Team at ar@quartzy.com

If your lab is on the Credit Card payment method, you'll be able to view your lab's credit amount in the following places:





Purchase History:


Note: Promotional credits may expire. Credits from a return never will!


Can I use my Quartzy Credit to place a new order?

Labs checking out through the Cart with a Credit Card (Purchase from Quartzy using a Credit Card) have the option to use their available credit when placing a new order. The options will be displayed on the Shipping page of the checkout process as follows:



Labs checking out through the Cart using a PO Number (Purchase from Quartzy using a Purchase Order) or who have their Purchasing Department send Quartzy a PO via email (Purchase from Quartzy using an ERP, eProcurement system, Req form, etc.) will not be able to apply available credit when placing a new order. 


Can I use my Quartzy Credit to pay an open invoice?

Yes! Labs on any one of the payment methods (Purchasing options when buying from Quartzy) can use available credit to pay an open invoice.

Send an email to ar@quartzy.com with the following information:

- Lab Name

- Credit Amount

- Invoice number(s)

- Credit memo # received from Quartzy (if available)


If I submit a PO and I have a credit in my account, how much should I create the PO for?

Create the PO for the full amount of the order. You should not deduct the amount of credit you have from the PO submitted to us.


Can I see how much credit was applied to an order after it is placed?

Yes! Just check your Purchase History.



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