Troubleshooting: When the Sciquest link doesn't work

If your institution is on this list then you will have a button in the Requests module (connected to SciQuest*) that allows you to easily search through your institution's purchasing system for an item requested in Quartzy.  


There are a few cases when this might not work optimally:

1. If the vendor for the item does not have a hosted catalog in your system (i.e. punchouts will not be searched automatically)
2. Sometimes the quantity information in the Catalog # (i.e. Sigma-Aldrich 12345: 100ul) will prevent the search - just delete the quantity info (: 100ul) in your search bar and search again
3. If the same catalog number is in multiple catalogs; i.e., some large hosted vendors will use the manufacturer's catalog numbers in their catalog, so you might need to search specifically through the vendor you want to order from.


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* SciQuest is a registered trademark of SciQuest, Inc. Its use is for information purposes only and does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by SciQuest, Inc.

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  • Avatar
    Jose Fernandez

    Hi, my institution is not in the list so I do not have access to sciquest button. What can I do?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Jose,

    Happy to help! I believe you also emailed our Support Team with request. Please reply to that email with the name of your SciQuest system and we can activate the SciQuest button for your institution. Thanks! :)