Placing non-Quartzy orders via Jaggaer/SciQuest purchasing systems

There's an easy way to place orders for items requested in your Quartzy lab through your institution's purchasing system! Just make sure your institution is on this list, and the person who places orders in your lab has a login to the system. 

Important: If you are placing an order with Quartzy as the vendor, the purchasing system link will not be available. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to buy from Quartzy.

1. Log in to both your Quartzy account and your institution's (Jaggaer/SciQuest-based) purchasing system in the same browser window. 


2. In Requests, click on the name of your purchasing system found underneath the catalog number of the item you want to order.


3. The catalog number will automatically be searched in your purchasing system and pulled up in a new tab where it can be added to your cart. 3._Order_Sciquest.png 

If your institution is not on our list but you use a Jaggaer/SciQuest Purchasing System, email us at to get your purchasing system added! Some institution purchasing systems also let you export your old orders so they can be imported to Quartzy for easy reordering! 

Link: Learn how to export old orders on some SciQuest purchasing systems.

* SciQuest is a registered trademark of SciQuest, Inc. Its use is for information purposes only and does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by SciQuest, Inc. 


Next Up: Checkout some troubleshoot tips if the SciQuest link isn't working


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    Liza Sholl

    Followed directions exactly as shown above.  Tried with several items just in case something was wrong with the order #. 

    A new tab pops up with the same error message each time "the application was unable to route the session back to the login page"

    Anyone ideas?


  • Avatar

    Hi Liza! 

    Every institution's purchasing system is a little bit different...I would be happy to get on a call or webinar with you to try troubleshooting the problem.  I will email you so you can sign-up for a time that works for you.  Thanks so much! 

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    Kaitlin Hellier

    I was able to get the system to work with items that had a catalog number associated with them, but if there wasn't a catalog number it would search our purchasing system for "-" instead of searching by name. Is there any way to adjust that?

  • Avatar
    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Kaitlin. The way the search function works is only by catalog number right now. That is the most specific detail that will return the best results.

    There might be a way for our engineers to update this feature so the name is searched when the catalog number is missing or in addition to it. Thanks for adding your comment here and I will make sure to update this page if any changes are made to this feature. :)