Webhooks Management

Webhooks can be used to build integrations between Quartzy and other software tools used in your lab, which helps save costs and improve efficiency by automating tasks. Webhooks allow you to receive events as HTTP POST requests to a server when events occur in Quartzy. They are outbound in nature, which means they sync information from Quartzy to another tool.


Some common use cases include: 

  • Communication and Task management
    • Keep track of your Quartzy order status updates in Slack or Microsoft Teams
    • Create a task in Asana or a reminder in Google Calendar  
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Inventory Management
    • Sync information about Quartzy inventory items to your favorite database tools such as SharePoint, Excel, Google Sheets, etc. 

For more details, see Quartzy's Developer Platform.


Read below to learn how to Add, Modify, and Disable webhooks in Quartzy! 


Add a webhook
1. First, navigate to the Developers tab of the Manage Labs section, and click the Add webhook button. 
2. In the Add webhook modal, configure the fields as follows:
  • Name: the display name of your webhook configuration
  • URL: the URL that would receive the webhook
  • Event Types: the event(s) occurring in Quartzy for which you want to receive webhooks
Click Save
3. In the next modal, click the copy icon to copy the secret key to your clipboard. Save this key in a safe location. 
4. Your new webhook has been created! Once the selected Event occurs in your lab, data will be sent to the URL specified. 

Modify a webhook
1. Navigate to the Developers tab of the Manage Labs section, and click the Edit option next to the webhook you'd like to modify. 
edit_webhook.png 2. In the Edit Webhook modal, update the fields that need editing. Click the Save button.
3. Your webhook has been updated! Webhooks can be updated/edited as needed. 

Disable a webhook
1. Navigate to the Developers tab of the Manage Labs section, and click the Disable option next to the webhook you'd like to turn off. disable.png
2. Your webhook has been disabled! The Status will be updated to Disabled in the table. To re-enable it, just find it in your list of webhooks and click Enable

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