Manage multiple labs under one subscription

Note: Academic, government, and other non-profit organizations are eligible for the Academic Package subscription and will be required to transition by July 1, 2023. To learn more about why we're making this change, please read our recent blog post.

Most labs will subscribe and pay for seats for just the members of their lab. However, for Admins who oversee multiple labs or when labs have overlapping members, creating a Billing Group that combines multiple labs under one subscription may be the preferred option.

For example, let's say a single person, Lab Manager A, oversees four different labs. Those labs can be combined under one Billing Group and the subscription cost would cover the total number of individual users. 


Since all of these labs are connected under one Billing Group, the members of the labs can be members of any other lab under the same Billing Group. So Lab Manager A is a member in each lab and Scientist 1 is a member of Lab 1 as well as Lab 4.

Important: Billing Groups can be departments, research groups, or just all labs managed by a single person.


To set up a Billing Group:

1. Go to the Manage Labs page to view your list of labs on the left sidebar.


2. Fill out this form to indicate which labs should be combined under one Billing Group subscription. 


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