Onboarding Webinar Series: Lab Member 101 (40 mins)

Are you a new lab member and interested in learning about all the features available to you? Watch this webinar to see a demo of Quartzy from a lab member's perspective and get live answers to any questions you may have about using the software. To jump to a specific feature, use the timeline guide below.

6:19 - Roles in Quartzy
11:31 - Lab & Profile Settings
21:28 - Adding Requests
25:10 - Tracking Items w/o Catalog Numbers
27:57 - Item Details Panel
29:04 - Searching Within Requests Module
29:49 - Navigating & Updating the Inventory
33:28 - Quartzy Shop
37:44 - Mobile App & Barcoding


Next Up: Learn how to add a request to your Quartzy Lab


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