View item availability in the Quartzy Shop

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email

Looking for the best prices and seeing what's in stock across different vendors can be a hassle. The Quartzy Shop solves this for you! The Quartzy Shop allows you to find what you need from over 2 million different products, all at incredible prices.

1. Type a search term in the search box next to the Shop tab on the top toolbar and press Enter. Search by part #, CAS #, product name, or manufacturer. 


2. Click on the Quartzy Shop results link.



3. A snapshot of availability is given in the Shop.

Availability: An item will either be listed as "In Stock" or "Backordered" with the date that the item is estimated to ship.  

Estimated Delivery: Based on the location of your lab and the location of the shipping facility, the delivery date listed is an estimate of the date it will reach you.


4. Click on the item name to open the product page, and view a more detailed delivery estimate by entering the quantity you'd like to order, your ship-to zip code, and select your shipping method (if available). 


Important: Check the Cart once all items are added to view combined shipping costs!


5. Select Add to cart or Request and any Admin can complete the purchase! 

Note: Clicking 'Add to cart' creates a request instantly and simultaneously adds it to the lab's cart.


Next Up: See full instructions for how to buy items from the Quartzy Shop


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