Video: Getting Started with Quartzy Labs

A Lab on Quartzy is any collection of people with whom you want to have a shared space to communicate order and inventory details. Most of the time, a Lab will be made up of the actual members of your lab, but you can also make it a department or a project group!

This video provides a quick overview of how to setup your groups. If you want to jump to a specific feature, use the timeline guide below!



Lab privacy explained - 0:13
Toggle between Labs - 0:40
Lab Roles - 0:57
Promoting Members to Admins - 1:23
Invite Lab Members - 1:34
Manage Locations - 2:02
Manage Types - 2:21
Manage Vendor list - 2:36
Manage Backups - 2:45
General Lab Settings - 3:10
Add/Delete Grant IDs - 3:22
Request workflow - 3:57


Next Up: See detailed instructions for accessing Lab Settings


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