Video: Getting Started with Quartzy Requests

Quartzy's Requests module helps your lab stay organized, communicate when items are running low, and update your inventory.

This video provides a quick overview of how to use Quartzy's Requests module. If you want to jump to a specific feature, use the timeline guide below!



Where to send your order history for upload - 0:16
Overview of request statuses - 0:35
Add Request - 1:07
Member vs. Admin - 1:50
How to generate Requisition Form - 2:06
Filter and Search (open item details panel) - 2:16
Update status of requests - 2:30
Mark requests as received and automatically update Inventory - 2:45
View order history - 3:13
Request previously ordered items - 3:24

Link: Click here to download the Quartzy Import Template


Next Up: See detailed instructions for editing requests


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