Comments vs. Notes on requests


Use Comments to ask questions and get answers from stakeholders on an order. Ask for more information when clarification is needed on the order and other lab members can reply with answers.


Comment Examples:

  • By what date do you need this order to arrive?
  • Is it alright if the gloves are purple?
  • Would you like to buy this from Quartzy since they sent a quote for a cheaper price?
  • I found out that this item is backordered. Would you like to cancel it and request something else?

Tip: To add someone else to the comment thread, type @ followed by their profile name to send them a notification about the message.

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Use Notes to add important order details that are necessary to complete the order or for information that needs to be referenced later on in the ordering or receiving process. Notes will be exported to Excel, and comments will not.


Note Examples:

  • Coupon Code: BUY4LESS
  • CAS# 1310-73-2
  • Please put this item on Taylor's desk when it arrives
  • Quotation is attached 


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