Revert the status of a request

You might want to revert the status of a request if it was updated to another status accidentally. It's easy to put the request back in the correct status! 

If you're a Lab Admin:

Admins can revert the status of requests from Received all the way back to New. Here's how: 

From the Requests module, click on the Item Name to open the request details panel. Click More and select Revert Status


Alert: Quartzy requests cannot be reverted once marked as Ordered.  Reach out to Quartzy Support to attempt to cancel the request if desired. Once canceled, a new request may be submitted with new request details to be processed in the Requests module. 


Note: If you marked an item as received and added that item to the Inventory, reverting the status does not remove the item from the Inventory. You must go to the Inventory module to delete that item manually.


If you're a Lab Member:

Members can't revert the status of a request. Here's how to have an Admin revert the request on your behalf: 

From the Requests module, click on the Item Name to open the request details panel, and scroll to the Comments section. Click on Add a comment... and then type an @ followed by your Admin's name, and your request that they revert the status. 



The tagged Admin will receive an email notification of your request! 


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