Quartzy Concierge - Onboarding Guide

Note: Quartzy Concierge is currently only available, as an add-on, to organizations with a Standard or Enterprise Plan. If your organization is currently on the Free plan and are interested in this program, let us know at support@quartzy.com.


Dealing with so many vendors can be frustrating. Between the price comparisons, the vendor websites, and keeping track of your orders — you're losing hours every day!

That’s why we created Quartzy Concierge, our new e-procurement product that helps lab managers find the best price for every item, automates checkout flows, and tracks every order and shipment through to successful delivery to your lab. 

To enroll in Quartzy Concierge, schedule a meeting with our Concierge team

Questions about Concierge? Check out the FAQ.

Ready to get started with Quartzy Concierge? Follow these steps to get onboarded! 

Vendor Info for Price Checks and Web Orders

Qbot uses your username and password to check prices and place orders on vendor websites. To enable this feature, please send your usernames and passwords to qbot@quartzy.com.

There are a few ways to do this safely:

  • If you use 1Password or a similar app, you can create an auto-expiring link to your credentials.
  • If not, you can use a free service like onetimesecret.com to create a link.
  • Alternatively, you can paste your credentials into a text document and compress it into an encrypted .zip file. Then, email us the .zip file and the password in two separate emails.

Coming Soon: Manage your vendor usernames and passwords in the Vendors area of your Lab Settings on Quartzy.

Vendors Emails

Qbot uses your vendor emails to updates your requests with the latest order and shipment information. To enable this feature, you can either setup automatic email forwarding, or add Qbot to your vendor accounts.

Automatic Email Forwarding:

  • If you already have a central inbox (e.g. orders@yourlabname.com), you can set up email forwarding from that inbox to Qbot. Most email providers include a "forwarding" option for exactly this purpose.
  • If you're receiving vendor emails at an employee account (e.g. john.doe@yourlabname.com), then you may need to apply a filter, to ensure that you only send us vendor emails.
    • In this case, placing orders with john.doe+orders@yourlabname.com might make the forwarding configuration simpler.

Secondary Address on Vendor Accounts:

  • Alternatively, if the vendor allows, you can add qbot@quartzy.com as a secondary address on each vendor site. The vendor will then CC or send a separate email to Qbot on each order.

Data Privacy & Security

Quartzy is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We are certified SOC1 compliant and we are currently applying for SOC2 as well. QUARTZY DOES NOT SELL OR RENT YOUR COMPANY'S DATA TO ANY 3RD PARTIES WHATSOEVER.

Refer to our privacy & security documents for more information:

For Quartzy Concierge, specifically, we have the following additional protections in place:

  • Login credentials for your vendors are stored encrypted.
  • Forwarded emails are stored in a private inbox.

We do use AfterShip to provide detailed tracking information on your shipments, but Aftership ensures your privacy as well: https://www.aftership.com/legal/privacy

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