Quartzy Concierge FAQs

Note: Quartzy Concierge is currently only available as an add-on to organizations with a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise Plan.  


Dealing with so many vendors can be frustrating. Between the price comparisons, the vendor websites, and keeping track of your orders — you're losing hours every day!

That’s why we created Quartzy Concierge, our new e-procurement product that helps lab managers find the best price for every item, automates checkout flows, and tracks every order and shipment through to successful delivery to your lab. 

To enroll in Quartzy Concierge, visit this page and a member of our team will reach out.

If you need help with the onboarding process, check out our Onboarding guide.

For all other topics, continue reading our FAQs below.


What vendors are supported by Concierge?
  • Order Placement: We support all vendors where you have an account and established credit terms. 
  • Order & Shipment Tracking: We support all vendors that send notification emails for orders, backorders, and shipments.
Is Concierge included with my Quartzy subscription?
  • No, Quartzy Concierge is an add-on to your Quartzy subscription.
  • The cost of Concierge is based on how many requests you order from outside vendors.

What is Qbot?

  • Qbot is Quartzy's friendly bot that helps you operate your lab.
  • In Quartzy Concierge, Qbot collects and displays prices from other vendors, places your orders, and updates your requests any time an order or shipment status changes.
How do I pay for my orders?
  • You'll need to have credit terms with any vendor where you want orders placed.
  • Qbot will place all of your orders via PO.
  • Vendors will still send invoices directly to you for payment.
When will my orders be placed?
  • Qbot will place your orders once daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Let us know if you have a particular cutoff time.

How do I place an order with a quote?

  • If possible, ask your vendor to load the quote into your web account. Then, Qbot can convert that quote directly into a cart and an order.
  • Otherwise, you can attach the quote to the order request(s) and Qbot will generate a Purchase Order.
Can I cancel an order that’s been placed via Concierge?
  • As long as the request is still in the New or Approved tab of the Requests module in Quartzy, you can just cancel the request - the item will not be ordered. 
  • If the request is in the Ordered tab, your item has already been purchased - you need to contact the vendor to cancel the order. 
Can anyone in my lab use Concierge?
  • Vendor Comparison: any user can run a price check, but only a Lab Admin or the Requester (the user that submitted the request) can change the vendor. 
  • Order Placement: only Lab Admins can set requests to be ordered with Qbot.
  • Order & Shipment Tracking: any user can check the order & shipment status of a request that's been updated by Qbot. 
How do I get help or send feedback?
  • If you have a question or issue with an order placed by Qbot (ie, status request, cancel, return, wrong item, etc), you should contact the vendor directly and reference the order confirmation number shown on the request in Quartzy. 
  • For any other issues, or if Qbot has placed an order incorrectly, contact support@quartzy.com.
  • If you have feedback about the program, feel free to email the Quartzy Concierge team, or contact your Customer Success Manager.


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