Slack Alerts for order updates

This user guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to set up alerts in Slack for Order status updates in Quartzy. These alerts will help Quartzy users keep track of their Quartzy orders in Slack and prepare ahead for upcoming deliveries.


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  • You should be an Admin of your Lab in Quartzy  


Step-by-step instructions 

1. Create a Slack channel where you want alerts from Quartzy to appear

  • Set up a new Slack channel, or select an existing Slack channel to receive alerts 
  • In the example below, we created a channel called #orders-slack-alerts  



2. Select and configure the alerts you'd like to receive from Quartzy 

  • Click the associated link to download the workflow file for that alert 
Use Case Name Description

Item ordered (Any Vendor)

Item Ordered Workflow Link

 Receive a Slack notification when a request   moves to the Ordered status in Quartzy 

 Item received (Any vendor)

 Item Received Workflow Link 

Receive a Slack notification when a request is marked as Received in Quartzy 

Item shipped (Quartzy Shop Only)

Item Shipped Workflow Link

Receive a Slack notification when an item ordered from the Quartzy Shop gets shipped and is assigned a tracking number

 Item delivered (Quartzy Shop only) 

 Item Delivered Workflow Link

Receive a Slack notification when an item ordered from the Quartzy Shop gets delivered

Item backordered (Quartzy Shop only)

Item Backordered Workflow Link

Receive a Slack notification when an item ordered from Quartzy becomes backordered 

Item canceled (Quartzy Shop only) 

Item Canceled Workflow Link

Receive a Slack notification when an order is canceled for an item previously ordered from the Quartzy Shop


  • Open the Slack Workflow builder. Under your Slack workspace name, navigate to Tools > Workflow Builder 



  • Import the downloaded file specific to your use-case using the Import button, and assign a name to this imported workflow. 
    • Recommended naming format: Quartzy-Alert-{use-case name} 


  • Once the workflow is imported, you will be taken to a new screen with the configuration of the workflow
  • To start making changes to this workflow, click Publish.
    • Note: After you customize the workflow, you will be asked to publish the workflow again at a later step


  • After you publish the imported workflow the very first time, you will see a confirmation window like the one below. 


  • To start customizing the content of the Slack notification, close the confirmation window and click on the Edit button on the 'Send a message to {channel name}' step 


  • A new window will appear that allows you to make customizations to the Slack notification
  • In the example below, you can change the destination of the Slack notifications using the dropdown Send this message to:
  • In the input box named Message text, you can edit the text used in the Slack notification. As you make these changes, you can see a preview in the bottom half of the same window. 
  • In the example below, the Quartzy team has preconfigured a message with certain variables that describe a Quartzy order item. To view the complete list of available variables, please refer to this section below in the Appendix.


  • Once you are done making changes, click Save, then click Publish Changes  


  • Once the changes are published, click Copy URL (see screenshot above). Use this URL to set up a Webhook configuration according to instructions in this other user guide.
  • Ensure Flatten Output? and Set Null Values to an Empty String? options are enabled as in this screenshot. 


  • Now, depending on your use case, when the relevant event occurs (e.g. Order placed, Order item gets shipped etc.), Quartzy will send information to this saved URL which will in turn trigger your workflow and send Slack notifications to the channel selected by you in the previous step.

Best practices

Notification Etiquette 

  • While Slack notifications can be sent as direct messages, we recommend using channels. This allows the users to mute the channel if they are not interested in a Slack notification.
  • As a Slack administrator for your organization, before setting up alerts, we recommend that you discuss with your team members and then
    • Decide which alerts to set up for your organization
    • Determine the content and tone of the message to use in the alert
    • Determine when to configure @mentions in the alerts

Opting users in and out of Slack notifications

  • Slack provides lots of flexibility in terms of opting users in and out of a notification. We recommend the following options:
  • If a particular user wants to opt out of all Quartzy notifications, they can mute or leave the Slack channel set up in the previous step.
  • If a particular user wants to opt in to a specific type of notification, then they can use this user guide and configure a Slack workflow of their own.
  • To opt out all users in your organization from a particular type of notification (e.g. Order item shipped), you can Unpublish the entire Slack workflow corresponding to this notification. Here is an example: 



  • If you notice that you are not receiving Slack alerts, the first place to check is the Activity tab of your Slack Workflow in the Slack Workflow builder
  • Common errors include
    • Typos in variable names in the Slack workflow
    • Mismatch in email address set up for the same user in Quartzy vs. Slack




Besides Slack, I want to handle other integration use cases such as creating a task in Asana, adding a record in Google Sheets, trigger an action in my homegrown application etc. Can you help with that?

To integrate with other tools such as Asana, Google Sheets or even your homegrown application, you can use Quartzy’s webhooks along with your own web server or with an Integration-platform-as-a-Service tool such as Zapier or Workato.
To learn how to configure Quartzy’s webhooks, please use this other user guide.



Field name Description Example value
specversion Event specification 1
id Event ID
source Event source
type Event type
datacontenttype Event content type application/json
time Timestamp when event got created 2021-07-01T18:28:06Z Order item ID 1638745
data.sales_order_item.status Order Item status SHIPPED
data.sales_order_item.sell_price.amount Item price (in cents) 29307
data.sales_order_item.sell_price.currency Item price currency USD
data.sales_order_item.quantity Item quantity 1
data.sales_order_item.estimated_shipment_date Estimated Ship Date 2021-07-24 Product ID 3685196
data.sales_order_item.product.item_name Item name
Cytiva's Amersham Hybond P 0.45
PVDF 300mmx4m 1 roll/PK
data.sales_order_item.product.catalog_number Catalog number Q7KAY47 Request ID 23440056
data.sales_order_item.request.requested_at Timestamp when requested 2021-06-08T19:49:58+00:00 Requester ID 412978
data.sales_order_item.request.requested_by.first_name Requester’s first name Ankur
data.sales_order_item.request.requested_by.last_name Requester’s last name Datta Requester’s email address Shipment ID 1676825
data.sales_order_item.shipments.0.carrier Carrier name FedEx
data.sales_order_item.shipments.0.tracking Tracking number 1234567890
data.sales_order_item.shipments.0.quantity Shipment quantity 1
data.sales_order_item.shipments.0.shipped_at Timestamp when item got shipped  
data.sales_order_item.shipments.0.delivered_at Timestamp when item got delivered Order ID 1295291
data.sales_order_item.sales_order.key Order No. QY21070005212006 Lab ID 5212 Lab name BioChem Dept Organization ID 6493 Organization Name Quartzy Testing University


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