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Each lab's purchasing workflow is different. Make sure all your purchases are reviewed by the appropriate people by creating customized, tiered approval flows! Read below for more details. 


Getting to the Approvals page: 

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name and then click the gear icon to select the lab where you want to make changes.


2. Select the Lab on the left sidebar and click the Approvals tab.



Setting up Approval steps: 

Note: Only lab Admins are able to edit the Approval steps. Members can view, but not edit this page.

No Approval

If your lab does not need an approval step, simply keep the default option selected. In this case, a request goes from New to Ordered.


Approval Threshold

To set a request price threshold, select the Automatically approve requests when the total is below option under When is approval required on requests?

Then, enter the desired dollar amount (make sure to click the Save Changes button!). Once your threshold is set, approval is only required when the price of an individual request is above the threshold. Requests below the threshold will be automatically approved. 


Note that setting a threshold for approvals is optional. If no threshold is desired, select the Always require approval option. 


Email notifications

Admins should only be selected in the Who should be notified when a request needs approval list if your lab does not set up any additional Approval Workflows. 


Admins selected here will receive an email with the subject line New Requests in Quartzy when a request is added that requires approval. The body of the email will contain an "Approval required" note. 


If an Approval Workflow is set up (see section below), the users selected in that workflow will automatically receive an email with the subject line New Approval Requests in Quartzy when a request requires their approval. 


Customizable Approval Workflows

If you'd like to set up additional approval steps for your lab, keep reading! 

Setup Part 1: Specialized Approvers - define your lab's Budgets (formerly spend tracking codes) and which user owns them, in order to route approvals to those users. 

Budget Type 

Select a label for your budgets from the Budget Type dropdown menu. You can select between Grant ID, Project, Fund, and Account. Only one budget label may be selected for each lab.


Budget Name and Owner

Click Add a new budget and assign a Name for your budget. Select an Owner for the budget from the dropdown menu (optional), then click the Save button.

If an owner is selected, an approval step can be added in Setup Part 2, so that all new requests added with that budget selected will route to the Budget Owner for approval. 

Continue to add as many budgets as your lab needs! 


You can choose to make this field mandatory using the Make field required checkbox. If made required, users cannot add new requests without populating the Budget field on the request form.


Note that on the request form, the Budget field will show up as Grant ID, Project, Fund, or Account (whichever label is selected for Budget Type on this page). 


Approval Teams

Using Approval Teams is a great way to ensure that even when someone is out of office or unavailable, requests can still be approved! Here's how to create an Approval Team in your lab: 

Click Create new team under the Approval Teams header


Then, name the Approval Team and select the users that should be included in the team. Anyone in the team will be able to approve requests that are sent to the team for approval (approval from more than one person on the team is not needed).


Don't forget to click the Save button to create your new Approval Team! 

Setup Part 2: Approval Routing 

Click the Add Workflow button to start creating your lab's approval steps. 


Select the parameters for which requests should be routed for approval. 


Click Add Step to add additional approval steps. Once your lab's approval steps are added, click Save Workflow to save your work! 

Changing Approval steps: 

1. Click the Edit Approval Routing button at the bottom of the Approvals page to add, remove, or change approval steps.


2. Once you've made your changes, click the Save Workflow button.

3. On the modal that appears after clicking Save Workflow, select the Apply changes to in-flight requests and restart their workflows checkbox - this ensures that any request(s) not already fully approved will be "reset" and will go through the updated approval workflow.


4. Click the Apply Changes button, and your approval workflow changes will be saved and will take effect immediately. 

Next Up: Learn how to set up common approval workflows


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