Purchase from Quartzy at University of Wisconsin

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email support@quartzy.com.

Quartzy is in the purchasing system at University of Wisconsin! After accepting a quote or requesting an item from the Quartzy Shop, follow the instructions for purchasing the item using ShopUW+. 

1. Make sure the preferred payment method for your Lab is Other.


2. Click on the cart icon in the top right of the toolbar to view pending orders.


3. Open a new tab in your browser, and login to ShopUW+

4. From the top navigation bar in the Go to: section, click Non-Catalog Item.


4. Under Existing Supplier, choose QUARTZY INC and complete the form with all the required fields.

  • To ensure your order is processed without delay, include the following information:

    • Quartzy Quote # (starts with EQ) for each item in the Item Description field on the PO.
    • Unit Price and Quantity for each item (as shown in your Quartzy cart)
    • The Billing and Shipping addresses for your order

    The Quote # can be found in the Cart:


    or in the item details panel: 


Click Save, or if adding multiple items, click Save And Add Another.


5. Click to View Cart and Checkout.


6. Review your cart and click Submit to send the order to a Requestor.  The Requestor will then submit the requisition with your funding string.

7. Once Quartzy receives the purchase order (sent to orders@quartzy.com), your order will be placed and the PO number will be added directly to the item in your Quartzy account. 


Next Up: Learn how to differentiate between a Quartzy order and non-Quartzy order


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