Barcodes: FAQs

Quartzy offers functionality which allows you to use a barcode scanner to help with tracking items in your inventory. Read below to learn more! 


How can I create barcode labels?

You have the option of using Quartzy's automatically assigned serial numbers to create barcodes, or you can use your own existing serial numbers or barcodes. The following page describes how to create barcode labels and associate them with your inventory items: Use Quartzy serial numbers (or your own) to create barcode labels 


What does scanning an inventory item's barcode do in Quartzy?

Scanning a barcode on one of your items performs a search for that item in the Inventory module of your Quartzy lab. From there, lab members can easily view and/or make edits to that item. The following page details this process: Use barcodes to search for Inventory items or requests


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