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Our goal for Quartzy has always been to accelerate science. We make research more productive by removing the communication and administrative barriers in the lab. To sustain our success in pursuing this vision, and to continue to innovate in the future, we are going to start charging businesses (biotech pharmaceutical companies, and similar for-profit customers) for our software. 

Please read our Blog post which goes into more detail on how and why this decision was made. Review the FAQs below in order to ensure you understand how this change affects your organization. 


Will all existing labs have to start paying?

No. Quartzy users who belong to non-profit and academic organizations can continue to use Quartzy for free. If you have a question about whether or not your lab will be required to enroll in the paid subscription, please email your question to support@quartzy.com and include the following information: 

Org name
Lab name(s)
Expected number of users

Why charge existing users instead of just new users?

We want to start making meaningful investments to the software now by working on features that have been on the roadmap for years. Charging only new users would simply delay this type of development for too long.

When are we going to see the new features that were described in the blog?

Developing new features is what’s driving this change. The Blog post briefly explains many of the impactful developments we plan to work on in the near future. Product planning and speccing takes time and we want to do it right. As we begin to release changes to the software, users will be notified regularly in our monthly newsletter email so make sure you’re subscribed! 

I’m a lab member, but not an Admin. Do I need to take action?

If your lab is affected by this change, your lab Admin(s) received an email with the specifics related to your lab’s enrollment cost and timeline. You may check the Members page of your Lab Settings to see who is an Admin for your lab.

Was the decision to begin charging for Quartzy related to the impact of COVID-19?

No. The process that led to this decision began in 2019, before COVID-19 was the global issue it has now become. We are carefully tracking COVID-19 as we move ahead; because of its impact on many of our users, we’ll be rolling out this change gradually over the next few months. 


How much will my lab be paying?

Check out the Pricing Page for current subscription pricing.  

Do I have to pay for all members currently in my organization?

Your Quartzy Account Manager will help you review and determine which lab members will be included with your organization’s subscription. If you do not know who your Account Manager is, please email support@quartzy.com

What if I want to buy from the Shop, but not pay for the software?

If your organization has five or fewer members, you can continue to use the software platform for free and continue to take advantage of the pricing and fulfillment benefits of buying through Quartzy!


I haven’t heard from my Quartzy Account Manager yet and I want to enroll now. How can I do that?

Send an email to support@quartzy.com with the following information and we’ll help you complete the subscription process:

Org name
Lab name(s)
Expected number of users

What happens to the data belonging to lab members if they’re removed from the organization?

Order requests and inventory items will always remain in a lab, even if the members who requested or owned those items either leave the lab or are removed. Before removing members, if you’d like to transfer ownership of inventory items to another lab member, please follow this process: Edit the Owner of an item. Order requests will keep the original requester name so they will remain searchable and filterable.

If my organization decides not to subscribe, what happens to my lab data?

If you decide that your organization will not subscribe to Quartzy’s software platform, you’ll be able to login to your account in a read-only state. In that state, you'll be able to export your data to Excel and/or permanently delete your lab group if desired. Once deleted, your data cannot be recovered so we’re encouraging all users to keep their accounts in the “read-only” status until the decision to not subscribe to Quartzy has been finalized by your organization.


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