Print QR Code Labels using Quartzy

Important: This feature has not yet been released to all users. Email to gain access!

Easily request items from your Quartzy Inventory by printing and scanning QR codes printed right from your lab's account! This feature allows lab to create QR code labels right from Quartzy and then later scan those codes when they are ready to request the item. Please note, the QR codes generated only allow the item to be re-requested when scanned. There is no other functionality, including searching or editing, that can be completed from scanning the code.

Check out how to use this functionality below!

1. From the Inventory module, click the checkbox next to the item or items that you want to generate QR codes for in order to re-request them in Quartzy.

Click Print QR code in the bulk actions toolbar.


2. A new window will open in the same browser where you're viewing Quartzy. Print from that window and attach the QR code label to the associated supplies in your lab.


3. When ready to re-request that item, scan the QR code using a mobile device. Complete the new request form and submit the request for the item in Quartzy.


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