Quartzy Shop FAQ

Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email support@quartzy.com.


How do I buy lab supplies from Quartzy if I don't have a Quartzy account?

Go to app.quartzy.com/shop and find the items you need! Purchase items using a credit card and then check your email for the order confirmation.


I don't work in a science lab. Can I still buy supplies sold in the Quartzy Shop?

Maybe. Some products can only be sold to verified scientific labs or institutions. If your address is not for a verified lab, we may cancel your order or reach out for additional verification.


I can't get to the Quartzy Shop page and keep getting logged out. What's happening?

If you have a Quartzy account and are trying to go to app.quartzy.com/shop, you may be redirected. Do not attempt to go to that page. Instead, login directly to your existing Quartzy account from app.quartzy.com/login and click the Shop icon in the top toolbar to search for the items you'd like to buy from Quartzy.


What do I do if I have a question about my order?

CLICK HERE and complete the form for a cancellation or return. Email support@quartzy.com with any other inquiries. 


I want to to organize all of my lab's orders on Quartzy. How can I sign-up to access all of the features you offer?

Go to https://www.quartzy.com/register and create your free account! Take advantage of the Quartzy Requests module, Inventory module, and Shop all from within your lab account. Quartzy purchases made prior to signing up will be imported to your account automatically!


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