Set Approval Threshold for Requests

Lab Admins may only want to be notified of new order requests when the cost of an item is higher than a certain dollar amount. Set a threshold so that approval is only required when the cost of an order is above a certain amount.

1.On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name and then click the gear icon next to any of the listed labs to get to the Manage Labs page. 


2. Select the Lab you want to edit on the left sidebar and select the Lab Settings tab.


3. Set lab workflow to the option that includes the Approved step and the options to set the threshold will appear below. 


4. Select Automatically approve requests when the total is below $ and enter the dollar amount. 


5. Select which Admin(s) should be notified when a request is submitted that is above the approval threshold.


Note: Admins can choose to either be notified of ALL new requests or just requests that are above the approval threshold when one is set. See the option for Who should be notified when a new item is requested? above the workflow setting.

6. Click Save Changes!


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