How to purchase via Quartzy PunchOut at Smith and Nephew

Quartzy is an approved vendor with Smith and Nephew and has a PunchOut in Ariba Guided Buying! Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to purchase from Quartzy using PunchOut. 

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How to Purchase via Quartzy PunchOut

1. Log in to Ariba Guided Buying, and search Quartzy in the search bar. 

s&n screenshot 1.png 2. Select the Quartzy vendor option, then click the Buy from supplier button. 

S&N screenshot2.png


3. You'll be redirected to your Quartzy account if you're already logged in, or to the Quartzy login page if you're not currently logged in. After logging in, you’ll remain logged into Quartzy for 30 days. 

Once you’re in Quartzy, a blue banner will be displayed at the top of your page, indicating you are in an active PunchOut session. 

If you need to add items to your lab’s shopping cart, check out the following guide: How to add items to your cart from the Quartzy Shop 

Once the items you’d like to order are in your lab’s cart, select the shopping cart icon, and review the item and order details in the cart.

4. Click the Submit Purchase Request button to sync your cart to Ariba Guided Buying as a requisition. Life Sciences labs will receive a Promo Code for $50 off their first PunchOut order - see note below if you're using a promo code!  submit_po_punchout.png 

Note: if your lab has a promo/discount that you’d like to use for your order, select Apply on the associated promo code (found under the Order Summary on the right side of the page). Your discount will be applied automatically! 

Then, select Submit Purchase Request to continue.  



5. You can now submit this newly created Cart/requisition from Quartzy for approval in Ariba Guided Buying. Once the requisition is approved in Guided Buying, the Purchase Order is automatically synced to Quartzy for fulfillment. 


Purchase Orders

Ariba Guided Buying will automatically generate a Purchase Order and sync it to Quartzy for fulfillment. The associated requests in Quartzy will auto-populate with the Purchase Order number! 



Invoices for Quartzy orders will be emailed

The invoice number will auto-populate on the associated requests as well (clicking the link will download the invoice pdf). 


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