December 2016: Quartzy's Latest Update FAQ

Quartzy users have bright ideas. In the past year we've talked to hundreds of researchers and looked at thousands of feature requests to see how we could make Quartzy even better.

Your ideas were the rocket fuel for a new update launching in January of 2017. These added features and a great new design will improve Quartzy now and help us keep labs happier in the years to come.

You are invited to be one of the first people to have access to the new design and its updated features.



What's changing?

New features. Better layout. Our goals for this update were to make the layout more intuitive, simplify your most frequent workflows, and add your most requested new functions.


How will this update affect my existing data?

Don’t worry! Our layout is changing but Quartzy isn't. Your favorite features (and more) will continue to be available. Existing groups, members, requests, and items will transfer seamlessly to the updated version.


When's the launch?

The countdown begins in January. To make sure things run smoothly, users will receive access to the updates on a rolling schedule from January through April. All users will have access by May 2017.


What if I have other questions or concerns?

Email us at! We love to hear from you, and we promise you’ll get a response.


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