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Vendor lists can sometimes become unruly in labs because different people refer to the same vendor by different names.

For example, one person might call the company Sigma-Aldrich, "Sigma", while another person might call it "Aldrich", and yet another might call it "Sigma Aldrich" (no hyphen). This can create a cluttered vendor list in your Filters on Quartzy. You can control these differences!

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on All Groups (or the Group name) and then click Manage. 

2. Select the Group on the left sidebar and choose the Vendors tab. 

3. The list on the left column reflects vendors that are associated with items currently in your group. Click on a vendor name and their information will appear to the right.

A. Quartzy Approved Vendor: - Edit the Contact Info. Make note that the URL and Name are not editable for these vendors.

B. Vendors manually entered: Edit the Name, Contact Information, and URL.

Merge Vendors:

Click Merge (A) and select the vendor that you would like to merge with (B) and click on Continue (C).

Click Merge Vendors (D) to merge the two vendor names. The vendor you select from the list will be the one displayed for items that had the previous vendor associated with them.


Delete Vendors:

Click X and if there are no inventory items or order requests associated with that vendor, it will be removed from the list.



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