Understanding Quartzy's shipping fees

At Quartzy, we always try to provide the most accurate estimation for shipping fees upfront. As scientists, we hated being surprised by fees and figure you would be too!

Sometimes shipping isn’t straightforward. We have suppliers who fall into three categories:

  • Shipping Per Package
  • Shipping Per Item
  • Free Shipping

1. Shipping Per Package: These suppliers usually try to fit as many in stock items into one box and ship it to you. When multiple packages ship, then multiple fees apply. We work with our suppliers to pack efficiently on your behalf, but sometimes, like when items are not in stock, these items must be shipped separately. Items that ship on ice will also be assessed shipping fees this way. 

2. Shipping Per Item: Some suppliers account for where you’re located geographically and the weight of the item. When they do, they’re going to assess a per item shipping fee to deal with those variables. If you order an increased quantity, there will be a higher shipping fee. Per item fees are also assessed on those pesky hazmat supplies - things that have to be shipped in a protective can or barrier.

3. Free Shipping: This is the easiest! These suppliers offer free shipping on their items.

If you have any questions about your order, email us at orders@quartzy.com.


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