Refunds and Returns

Note: Only labs at US institutions can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email



If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the order you received, please contact us at One of our team members will be happy to help make things right within 30 days of receiving your order.

For the fastest resolution, please include a photograph demonstrating your issue.

Damaged items:
Take a photo of the damaged area. Photos of the label on the box are also helpful. If the carrier damaged the item in transit, take pictures of the damaged package.

Important: Quartzy suppliers will only reimburse or return damaged shipments if the item damage is noted upon signing for the item or the original shipping box showing the damage is kept.

Wrong items:
It’s rare, but every so often, something will get placed in the wrong box! If this happens, take a photo of the label on the box and the contents on the inside (but keep it packaged like you received it if possible). We can usually send a replacement out ASAP, but we’ll usually ask you to send back the original, so keep it in its original condition.

Low quality/Equivalent performance issue:
For performance issues, side by side experimental results and methods are awesome. The most optimal pictures for equivalent performance issues have a control or comparable standard. If there's a lot number, send it to us. Remember, we're scientists too, so help us make a convincing argument to suppliers. We've always got your back. We will use this information to help you with your order, and eliminate errors in future offers.


One of the times we may ask for a return is if you wish to cancel an order after it has already shipped. This is because, at that point, we are not able to stop delivery. When possible, please contact us to arrange the return prior to sending.

Returns are not always possible because of rules around transit or with the suppliers, but definitely let us know if you have anything you’d like to return; we’re happy to check! Please note that almost all items that ship on ice are not returnable. We’ll try our best to eliminate or reduce return fees (like re-stocking fees), but sometimes these are unavoidable. When in doubt, order a smaller size first to give it a whirl especially with items you're unfamiliar with.

Examples of items that ship on ice:

  • Antibodies
  • Enzymes
  • Kits
  • Media like FBS or Trypsin-EDTA

Your best shot at a return is to leave the item in an unopened condition. Think of it like a store return - return it in the condition in which you purchased it. We'll try our best to make it as painless as possible from there!

We're on your side, and with your help we'll do whatever we can to make it right.


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