Shipping Fees FAQ

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How do I get free shipping on an order?

Add at least $199 worth of items to the Cart and automatically receive free standard shipping on that order!  

How does Quartzy display shipping costs per item vs. in the Cart?

When Quartzy displays a quote in the Requests module, it will show whether you will receive 'Free Shipping' or 'Plus Shipping' where additional shipping fees will be added at checkout. When there is a charge for shipping, the quote will not show the exact shipping fee per item. This is because Quartzy will combine shipping fees depending on what items are being purchased together from each supplier!

Does Quartzy try to combine shipping fees automatically?

Yes! We’re always going to try to reduce fees and extra costs as much as possible! There are a lot of factors that go into determining what the charges will be for an entire purchase.

Accepting Quartzy quotes and adding items you intend to purchase to the Cart are the best ways to ensure you will know the exact shipping fees.

Is there a breakdown of shipping costs?

There is! You can view the shipping breakdown within the Cart! Just click See Details under the shipping and handling costs to see how your shipping is being calculated.


Can Quartzy always combine shipping fees?

If combining or reducing shipping is possible, we’ll do it! If we find that your items are able to ship together, we will remove any extra shipping charges before you're charged or invoiced.

For reference, here are some potential reasons shipping charges cannot be combined:

  • The items are shipping from two different suppliers.
  • The items are shipping from two different warehouses within the same company.
  • The items don’t fit in one package.
  • The items aren’t available to ship on the same day.
  • Part of the order is hazardous.
  • Part of the order is on ice.


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