QIAamp DNA Mini Kit vs Quick-DNA Universal Kit (50 preps)

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  Qiagen Zymo Research
Name QIAamp DNA Mini Kit Quick-DNA™ Miniprep Plus
Product No. 51304 D4068 Request a Sample Kit
Price $162.00 ($3.24 per prep) $132.00 ($2.64 per prep)
Size 50 preps 50 preps
URL Product link Product link
Format Spin Column Spin Column
Main sample type Whole blood, tissue, cells Biological Fluids, Tissues, and Cultured Cells
Sample amount 200 uL/25 mg 200uL/25mg
Elution volume 50 uL - 200 uL 35uL-200uL
Yield 4 - 12 ug Sample dependent (up to 7 ug for blood) Column has capacity of 25 ug
Time per run or per prep 20 minutes 20 minutes
# of Protocol Steps 10-12 steps 8-10 Steps
Link to Protocol Protocol link Protocol link
Buffer AL: 12 mL BioFluid & Cell Buffer: 12mL
Buffer ATL: 14 mL Genomic Binding Buffer: 25mL
Buffer AW1: 19 mL DNA Pre-Wash Buffer: 30mL
Buffer AW2: 13 mL g-DNA Wash Buffer: 50mL
Buffer AE: 2 x 15 mL DNA Elution Buffer: 10mL
Proteinase K: 1.25 mL Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns: 50 columns
QIAamp Mini Spin Columns: 50 Collection Tube (2 ml): 100 tubes
Collection Tubes (2mL): 150  


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