User Tip: When you have one approver and another purchaser

Within labs, there is often one person in charge of approving requests and another who actually places the orders. If that is the case with your lab, here is how you can setup your Quartzy lab and email notification settings so that the proper Admins are notified when it's their turn to take action!

For the Admin who approves requests:

1. Promote them to an Admin if they are not already.

2. On the the Manage Labs - Lab Settings page, select the checkbox next to their name to ensure they receive an email when a new request is submitted.


For the Admin who is in charge of purchasing:

1. Promote them to an Admin if they are not already.

2. On the Manage Labs - Lab Settings page, uncheck the box next to their name so they do not receive an email when a new request is submitted. 


3. In their personal email settings, they must select the time frame for how often they'd like to be notified when a Request is approved by another admin. This selection will send an email to them after the other Admin has approved a request. 



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    Jason Papke

    So, is the approving agent unable to select the frequency of request emails? For example, will a PI receive constant emails to approve orders throughout the day or is it possible to select daily or hourly somewhere?

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    Monica Velarde

    Hi Jason - This is a great question. The approving agent will receive the new request emails on an hourly basis. All requests submitted in the lab within the past hour will be grouped together into one email sent to the Admin(s) selected to receive them.

    At this time, the frequency of that email is not customizable and can only either by turned on or off based on the lab setting.

    This is something our Product Team is considering changing! Keep an eye out on this page for updates to this process. :)

    Edited by Monica Velarde