Week of June 8th, 2015: Inventory Advanced Search and Order Requests Filters

Improving the search functions in the Inventory and Order Requests modules was a priority for our engineers last month and we're excited to show off some of the new functionality!


Increased Site Speed

Does Quartzy seem faster? It is! Our engineers have been hard at work improving how the site works behind the scenes. We hope you notice that things are quicker and enjoy the further time savings!


Improved Inventory Sorting

Combine the Search box, Advanced Search, and Filters all together to see the items you're interested in. Click through each page of results to see all items matching those filters, even while sorting by one of the columns! Your searches will remain active until you clear them or logout of your account.


Order Requests Filters

In addition to displaying items based on submitted dates, you can now show order requests based on the dates that ALL other actions were taken!

Sort by a new filter, Status During Date Range. If you want to view a list of order requests that were updated to a particular status within a certain date range, use this new filter combined with the time frame you want to look at. You can also combine it with any other filters and use them all together.

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