Week of March 2nd, 2015: Small fixes with a big impact

While our product team and engineers work to implement larger improvements to the site, like Customizing your Types & Fields and Simplifying the Inventory Upload process, they also try to add smaller improvements based on the feedback we get from users.

Below you will see a list of some of the recent improvements we made based on your suggestions! Feel free to leave a comment on this article with any feedback.


1) The person who requested an item will be Owner of the item in the Inventory.


2) The "Request" button in the Order Requests module is permanent. Click here for instructions!


3) Group Admins can edit the "Requester" anytime before an order request is marked as ordered. Names also appear alphabetically!


4) Previously requested items will have the option to "Update Existing Item" when marking as received


5) Custom fields on Item Details page are listed in alphabetical order.


6) Easily copy and paste Grant ID's from the Order Requests page.


7) You must confirm when you want to leave the Add Item or Add Request page to be sure you don’t lose important information.


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