Use Quartzy serial numbers (or your own) to create barcode labels

Use barcodes and a scanner to easily find items in your Inventory and Order Requests. All you have to do is assign barcodes and labels to your items.

If you do not already have barcode labels, create new ones using Quartzy serial numbers.

Tip: If you have your own serial numbers, add a custom "serial number" field to the Types in your inventory.

1. Export your Quartzy inventory and use the numbers in the Serial Number field to create your barcode labels. 

2. Download a barcode font to Excel, or use a program/software that creates barcode fonts if you have one.

3. Create an Excel spreadsheet with your list of serial numbers, either from Quartzy or using your own numbers. Include * before and after the numbers, and that will turn the numbers into barcodes within the Excel cells. Also, make sure to add a column header such as "Serial Number"


4. Open a new Word document and from the Template options, choose Labels and then Label Wizard.

5.  Pick the label type (Ex. Avery 5160) that you will be printing with and then choose Mail Merge.

6. Click Get List and then Open Data Source... to select the Excel spreadsheet file from your computer that has your serial numbers.

7. Follow the steps to open your file and choose the set of data that you want to place on your labels.

8. Click the icon under Complete Merge to Merge to New Document.

9. You may need to choose the IDAutomationHC39M font again in order for the barcodes to show up correctly. Your labels are now ready! 


Next Up: Learn how to import inventory details including custom serial numbers to Quartzy


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  • Avatar
    Shawn Wright Weaver

    Method not working: Mail Merge of data to Word document gives me a document that repeats "Next Record" in each label spot.

  • Avatar
    Monica Velarde

    Hi Shawn,

    Sorry you're having some trouble with this! You might want to check the steps in a Microsoft Word Support document to see if your system uses the same steps for this process. These steps are completed outside of Quartzy and while we have tested this process many times, different operating systems may have different requirements.

    It may be that all of the data from Excel is not being used since the 'Next Record' is not being recognized. Hopefully checking the process will help you out with this. :)

  • Avatar
    Shawn Wright Weaver

    I got some help from someone more familiar with this version of Office than I, and got where I needed to go. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Todd Hillman


    Would you also be able to include an item name on the label? That way you know what item should be associated with the barcode.

  • Avatar
    Monica Velarde

    Hi Todd,

    That would be up to you! You can definitely include as much information on the label as you like if you want to use it for identification purposes. The instructions on this page are just meant as a guide if you were interested in doing something like this for your items.

    Many Quartzy users showed interest in creating barcode labels for their inventory items through the site and since that's not a feature we have right now, this set of instructions was the next best thing we could offer. I hope they're helpful! You can email if you have any other questions specific to your account. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Agee

    I am struggling to understand the instructions for creating the barcode. Once I have exported my inventory and down loaded the Free 3 of 9 font, I need to create another spreadsheet with just the serial numbers. Is that correct? Then once I have those serial numbers I need to hand enter an * before and after each serial number? Additionally, how do I get the barcode to show up in a different field next to the serial number? I am surprised that anyone uses this system since it appears to take hour of hand entering.

  • Avatar
    Sophia Wilhelmi

    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm happy to help! You may need to restart Excel to see your newly added font. From there, you can use Excel formulas to quickly add asterisks to each side of your serial numbers. For example, if you have a serial number in column A Row 1 (A1), then you can enter this formula in column B:
    ="*" & A1 & "*"

    Here's a third-party article I found online that may help with this as well:

    I've also responded to your email into, so feel free to respond to that email with any other questions you have!