How to generate a new quote

Note: Only labs at US institutions can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email


If your lab is receiving quotes in the Requests module, you will be able to purchase certain items directly from Quartzy. The Lab Admin(s) will be notified and can accept the quote and add it to the Cart for purchasing.  

It's easy to generate a new quote if you accidentally ignore one. Follow these steps:

1. In the Requests module, click on the row of the request that originally had the quote. 


2. Click Request Again


3. Complete the request form and submit a new request for that item. If you are an Admin generating a new quote, change the requestor if that request was originally made by a lab member to ensure they receive the proper notifications about their request.


You will see the original quote (item, price, etc.) automatically generated for you again. Just accept the quote and complete your purchase as you normally would!


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