Concierge Overview: Order Placement & Tracking with Quartzy Concierge "Qbot"

Note: Quartzy's Concierge is a premium feature add-on to your Quartzy subscription.  To enroll in Quartzy Concierge, visit this page and a member of our team will reach out.

Quartzy Concierge is our procurement solution tool that helps lab managers place external orders by automating checkout, syncing tracking information and verifying contracted pricing on requests ordered by "Qbot".

Before Qbot can place orders for your lab, here are a few setup instructions:

Onboarding Guide

Enter your Supplier Logins - a must for web orders!

Review FAQs

Ordering Methods

Web orders using Supplier Login details

  • Qbot will confirm and update the price on your requests before placing your order with the vendor.  If the price is entered as $0, we'll add the price for you.  
  • If we notice a significant price difference we think you should review, we'll contact you before ordering.
  • Note: If a supplier has your credit card number on file and does not require it to be re-entered with each order, your credit card can be charged instead of using the PO payment method.

Email orders

  • Qbot generates a PO in PDF format and sends it to the vendor using our Qbot email address (  It can take 2-5 business days for these orders to be processed by the vendor. 
  • If the vendor provides email confirmation, your request will be updated with the details from the vendor (i.e. confirmation number and tracking information).

Order Placement

Qbot makes ordering a breeze by placing all orders via Purchase Order Number (PO) provided by your accounting software.

1. In the Request module, a Lab Admin indicates which requests should be ordered with Concierge by clicking the "Order with Qbot" button.  Multiple requests can be ordered with Qbot by selecting the box next to each item name and selecting "Order with Qbot" from the bulk actions bar.

concierge - 1 - 1127.png


2. Enter the Purchase Order Number you'd like to use for your purchase.  You can enter this under the "Order Details" section of your request or in the dialog box that appears when selecting to "Order with Qbot". 


concierge - 3 - 1127.png

You can use the "Group into PO" bulk action to generate POs (including via Quickbooks Online or Netsuite) and your PO# will automatically appear in the Qbot dialog box.

3.  Concierge requests will remain in the "Ordering" status until Qbot has placed your order with the vendor.  While in this status, you can cancel the request or accept a quote from Quartzy before the item is purchased from the vendor.

concierge - 2 - 1127.png

4. All requests ordered on your behalf by Qbot will be moved into the Ordered status and noted as "Ordered by Qbot".  If we receive order confirmation or tracking details from the vendor, we'll update your requests with this information.

concierge - 4 - 1127.png

Note: If you need to cancel or check the status of an item "Ordered by Qbot," you'll want to reach out directly to the vendor, referencing the order confirmation or PO number. 

Order Tracking

- To allow Qbot to update your requests, forward all email notifications from vendors to email address.

- If the vendor provides an active tracking link, our AfterShip integration will display as a clickable link

concierge - ordering 4.png


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