Ordering Primers/Oligos

Requests for primers and oligos should be added to Quartzy in a slightly different way than a normal request. Instead of adding multiple requests for each individual primer (which can be up to hundreds at once!), submit one request for the entire order and attach the order spreadsheet.

1. From the Requests module, click Add Request.


2. In the Item name field, write out Custom primer synthesis [see attached]. Click the Upload File button and attach the order spreadsheet that your purchaser needs so they can place the order for those primers with the vendor.

Note: Different vendors may have different order spreadsheets


3. Once the items have been delivered and the request is marked as Received, uncheck the Add item to Inventory box so the item details are not added to the Inventory.

Instead, upload the primers as individual inventory items using these instructions.



Next Up: Learn how to process multiple requests at once


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