Quartzy Networking Cards and how to get them at a conference

**PLEASE NOTE: Quartzy is NOT a card printing company. Quartzy is the world’s #1 online lab management platform. We provide networking cards to scientists as a free gift to give them a resource they can use to network with other scientists and share their research.**


Quartzy.com is a free online platform for lab management that provides networking cards to poster presenters at select science conferences around the US. Here are some of the conferences we have attended:

If you are attending an upcoming conference and would like Quartzy to provide networking cards, please email info@quartzy.com and we will work with the conference organizers to see if we can provide them for presenters.   


What are they? They're like business cards for science! Networking Cards show the time and location of your presentation as well as the title and abstract.

What do you do with them? Hand them out before your presentation to remind interested colleagues to stop by. Hand them out while you are presenting to help others remember your research.

What about after the conference? After the conference when everybody is back home, people who stopped by your presentation will have your Networking Card and can get in touch with you easily.

How much do they cost? That's the best part! They are completely FREE!


Take a look at their design below!


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    Khoi Van

    Hi, I really like the idea of networking cards. Kudo to you on that! BEcause there are more and more Chemistry groups interested in using Quartzy, why not go to Chemistry Conferences as well (for example ACS :)! Khoi

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    Monica Lovoi

    Hi Khoi. Thanks for the suggestion! We love going to conferences and providing these networking cards to scientists. I'll make sure our conference organizer checks out ACS and other chemistry conferences. :)